Design Resources & Freebies

for the DIY Queens

Are you obsessed with giving everything a go yourself, i’m the Queen of DIY in my business, I want to know how to do every little thing. I am getting better at letting go of the tedious stuff that really doesn’t float my boat, like the bookkeeping, arghhh, but if you are anything like me and love to DIY in business, you will love this page.

A page full of Design resources, for all your DIY lovers out there.

I hope you get inspired by these free resources for the non-graphic designer. Hell yeahhh…

If you don’t know who your ideal client is, how can you create services or products to help them? 

Knowing your audience intimately is the key to being able to create really clear communications, clear branding and really specific offerings that help your ideal client solve their problems. 

My free worksheet will give you the questions you need to be asking in order to pinpoint who your ideal client is.

Download it now. 

What is branding and why does small business depend on it? 

Head over to my blog post to read all about that here

I have created a great free checklist that will give you an indication of all the elements that make up a strong killer brand. It’s in a checklist format so you can tick off what your business already has in place and what you still need to work on. Super simple, actionable list.

Do you create your own social media graphics? Trying to DIY a flyer for your next event or promotion? 

To non-designers, the job of creating your own designs can be quite daunting. I hear many people saying “help, I don’t know where to start”.

So for you gals out there who get a tad freaked out when it comes to creating graphics for your business, I have put together a list of my top go-to places for inspiration and free design resources.

Click here for Recommended Resources