Creating a Mood Board for your Brand is a great first step!

If you don’t have a mood board for your brand I strongly recommend getting one or creating your own. It’s a great way to succinctly and visually display what you want your brand to be. Its the vibe, the look, the feelings, the colours, everything that you want your brand to encapsulate.

A mood board helps you create a visual starting point to build your brand from, it also helps keep you on track with your brand, helps you keep things consistent.

So, what is a Mood Board? 

Generally speaking a mood board is a one page collection of images. These images do not have to be literal to your business and what you want in your brand. They are images that envoke the right feelings you want your customers to feel when dealing with you. For example, you might have a cake making business and you specialise in childrens birthday cakes. You want your business to come across as fun and friendly, you might find pictures of a brightly coloured circus or a bright bunch or florals. Your business has nothing to do with a circus or flowers but these images give off bright happy feelings which is what you want for your brand. Starting to get the gist??

How do you create a Mood Board?

Being a digital designer I create digital mood boards for my clients. We usually start the process by going on a pinning frenzy in Pinterest (that is after a bit of brand strategy stuff) and from there we really hone on the imagery and I pick approximately 10 of the images that really follow the brand messages we have come up with.

I have had clients come to me with paint swatches, drink bottle labels, bits of washi tape at a brand meeting. So if you are generally a more tactile person create one yourself using these sorts of things.

Mood Board for one of my Clients

As you can see this Mood Board is for a client of mine who is male, wanted a modern updated brand, is in a professional corporate industry and wanted a sleek contemporary look. I have included examples of colours, patterns, fonts, other logo’s, stock images that all fit the brief.

It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming exercise at all but boy when you have your own Mood Board it is so empowering and gives you great clarity.