Brand your Biz in a morning.

Having a dream business, where you are always booked out with awesome clients, who love you and value what you do and pay you the big $$, sounds like a dream for most people, right? 

Wrong, the key to this kind of success is to be super clear on your brand foundations. You can have that dream too!

The big questions need to be answered, like who your ideal clients are, what is your niche, what is your style and brand message. 

Similar to my brand clarity session, I also offer a workshop style brand foundations workshop. 

The benefits of a workshop is the other awesome bosses in the room you get to banter and share ideas with. Also, the price tag is a lot more manageable. 

You get to do the hard work and have me by your side to guide you and ask the big questions. 

Branding is not just a logo.

In fact, in this workshop, we don’t even create a logo. We purely nail the foundational stuff so you have a clearer direction of who you are serving, awesome right! 

Branding is all about how your customer feels when they use your service, buy your product, visit your website, email you an enquiry, get the gist? 

Branding is the customer experience. 


Topics we cover.

+ Your Why + Your Voice + Your Ideal Customer + Your Brand Personality + Your Visual Style 

You get to pick my brains as I guide you through the topics. 

After the workshop, I will create you a Mood Board for your new authentic brand. 

New Dates Coming Soon