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Founder & Creative Director

I am a Perth based Graphic and Website Designer running my business from my home-based office in the Perth Hills. Like most women these days, i’m juggling 3 children, a household, study and my own business. Phew, I feel tired just typing that, but truthfully being able to make money from something I just live, love and breathe makes it feel like I am living the dream.

I am a Perth Hills gal and truly love supporting the wonderful local businesses we have in this region. Some of my career highlights have been community projects. 

My areas of expertise

A Little Story About Me

I’ve been a bar tender, a PA, I’ve worked in a garden centre, I’ve studied horticulture and marketing and even contemplated becoming a teacher and a park ranger. It’s fair to say i’ve given a lot of things a go, the truth is I’ve never stuck to any of them.

The funny thing is, this career as a Graphic Designer was starring me in the face all along. As a PA I could often be found sniffing around the marketing department, putting my hand up to design the Christmas party flyers or the company presentations. Leaving my corporate life to have my first child I dabbled a lot in photography, scrap-booking and good ole Photoshop manipulation, yes you can make yourself look skinnier.

I discovered a huge amount of joy using images, fonts, colours and layouts to communicate a story. At the time mainly of my little man, doing cute things (as you do with your first child). I didn’t even really know what a Graphic Designer was at the time but it was definitely what I wanted to spend my days doing. 

I wasn’t arty in the traditional sense but I was great on computers and figured I could combine the digital with the creative and go for it. It was never about the money for me, it has always been about finding something I loved and something that was mine, that I was amazing at and to be something I was proud of. 

Anyway long story short, I found my thing, I studied hard, practised hard and its been 7 years and I haven’t moved on to something else yet. In all honesty though, why would I? I get to work with driven, like-minded people on the path of turning their dreams into wildly successful businesses. I get to take my babies to school everyday and be there for the sports carnivals and I get to be creative daily. I am a lucky lady.

My Tech Skills

Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign as my creative software of choice. I also build websites on the wordpress platform using Divi, that’s my jam.
  • Divi WordPress 83% 83%
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 92% 92%

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Website Design

I’m a non-techy WordPress website designer and developer. I get you online with as little stress as possible.

Graphic Design

Design is my jam, I can take your vision and create a bold and brave visual identity.


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